The Rise and Fall of Netflix (Investors Are Suing)

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The Rise and Fall of Netflix (Investors Are Suing)

Post by ukimalefu »

Netflix has been the king of streaming for a decade, but recently the competition has caught up. Will Netflix survive? It may be too early to tell definitively but it's not looking good.

So... who's going to buy Netflix, Disney or Apple? I'm not saying they would want to, but they can.

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Post by j_tso »

I don't think Disney would. They have enough of their own content and probably don't want to deal with rights to other companies'.

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Post by Aaron_R »

Maybe AT&T would considering they had the failed streaming service thing with their DirectTV acquisition

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Post by obvs »

It would be interesting to see Apple buy Netflix, but their politics don't match.

I think it would be more likely that Apple would buy the content and stick it on Apple TV, because Apple doesn't give a damn about a service like Netflix existing.

I've never found Apple TV really worth it.

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