Call of Duty jumps the shark

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Title: Bug in the Machine

Call of Duty jumps the shark

Post by ukimalefu »

Or the kaiju

Godzilla and Kong are coming to Call of Duty: Warzone

I know they had zombies, but this? how far can they push it?

I only played the original World War II games and the first 2 modern warfare games. I liked those a lot.

Uhm... no idea how it goes, but humans aren't supposed to win against them.

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Post by Metacell »

I never gave a solitary crap about Call of Duty or any realism war-sim. But this I might enjoy.

Remember, people, to forgive is divine. In other words, it ain't human.
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Title: Steamed meat popsicle

Post by maurvir »

Yeah, that actually looks kind of fun.

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