Used space in empty flash drive

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ukimalefu want, but shouldn't, may anyway
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The drive was formatted as ms dos fat16, I think...

I already reformatted it as ms dos fat (I assume fat32, disk utility didn't say) It's for my father than needs to use it with a windows pc and/or mac

So the question is what's going on with this "invisible" used space, if mac os says the drive has 0 items in it.
Pariah Know Your Enemy
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Is all the space formatted? You may have some unallocated space.
FAT16 and FAT32 have a maximum size. Your drive may be big enough to exceed that And hence have wasted space. One sec while I check for those sizes. You could just format the rest as another drive in sny case
Fat16 max is 4 GB. FAT32 is 2TB. I’ve only ever seen FAT32 used.

There’s always a small slice thats the driver software and it appears as another drive. The lookup table also occupies some space in the formatted drive even when empty.

You could have some bad sectors on the drive and they’re intentionally not used
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Flash drives typically get formatted as exFAT. exFAT supports larger file sizes.

Could you post a screenshot of Disk Utility showing the disk, and also open terminal and type the following command:
diskutil list
and post a screenshot of that, too?
ukimalefu want, but shouldn't, may anyway
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I already formatted the drive as fat32, it worked, it showed the full capacity was available after that.

I'm done with it.

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Used space in empty flash drive