Apple doesn't want you to know about the 30% cut

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I think we have reached the point where the government needs to regulate Apple's App Store (and probably Google's as well). I would absolutely LOVE to see the EU have to okay every action Apple takes regarding the App Store, as Apple definitely has it coming.
ukimalefu want, but shouldn't, may anyway
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But it's never been a secret? and all stores do it? even physical stores? I think Steve JObs said they were taking a cut the very first day they announced the app store.

YES, Apple is greedy, yadda yadda... but other companies are greedy too, they want some of that sweet apple pie for them. That's what I see here.

This war on apple won't benefit consumers. I fear everything will become a subscription services. Just like you can't get all your favorite shows and movies, legally, from one place, the same may happen for software. Privacy may be affected. There could be more malware.


Again, in the end this will NOT benefit consumers. Apple may lose a little, like they would really care, other companies may win a little, and say the won.

And don't this app developers make more money on android anyway? because there are more android phones?


don't mind me, I don't have any sort of smartphone, or money to buy stuff from apps if I did.
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The 30% does not bother me so much except that I think if Apple is going to take such a big, fat cut they could spend a few bucks cleaning up the app store which is a stick fiddling disaster area of wasteful promoted apps being elevated to the top of searches and several billion me-too copy cat apps in every category you can think of making discovery basically impossible.
I swear, every time I open the app store it is a little more cluttered, a little more inscrutable and a little less useful.
When I am looking for a type of app I don't search the store at all anymore. I search app review sites instead because they very often provide actual, useful information one can base an app selection on, unlike the app store itself..

Edited addition: The :featured app" thing is way the fiddlesticks out of control, even if one copies and pastes the exact name of a desired app into the search 9 times out of 10 the exact match app will be 2 to 5 apps down the list, after featured apps that are very often quite different than the one sought after.
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Apple is starting to feel like Microsoft after Gates retired. Aimless and petty. (as opposed to laser-focused and petty)
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Apple doesn't want you to know about the 30% cut