I guess MIcrosoft is super proud of Edgium

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I guess MIcrosoft is super proud of Edgium

Post by maurvir »

I logged into my dev machine this morning to find a full screen, unclosable, instance of Edge that required me to go through setup to close it. Even the task manager wasn't able to pop in front of it.

I am getting REALLY tired of this crap from Microsoft. I hate that I still have to use it due to my CAD tools.
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Re: I guess MIcrosoft is super proud of Edgium

Post by Ribtor »

You can disable all automatic updates if you want.

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Post by iDaemon »

And folks wonder why I hate Microsoft. I mean besides the usual violations of user-centric focus like ‘Human Interface Guidelines” and gracefully undo/back out/user error...
NY State probably ‘standardized’ on IE maybe 25 yrs ago. Or IE 6 whenever that was. Anyway the Microsoft monopoly is roosting in a time of COVID-19 and unemployment.
if i were the ny state dept of labor i would simply make it so people could successfully claim unemployment without having to learn from some reddit thread that the site doesn't support chrome, firefox, or safari

I’m sure legacy can provide similar examples daily.

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Re: I guess MIcrosoft is super proud of Edgium

Post by Metacell »

Yeah, it's great as a game launcher, but anytime I actually try to do something with it, I'm reminded why OS X is so much better.
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