RIP Larry Tesler

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Larry Tesler passed away last week at the age of 74. In case you didn’t know him, he is the one behind the commands “cut”, “copy”, and “paste” — commands that we still use in our computers to this day.

He was part of the golden age of research at Xerox PARC, which bit by bit, transformed the computer from a black box mainframe programmed by esoteric codes into a device that anyone could quickly learn through their own intuition.
He was also the one who created the idea of “user friendliness”, a term that we often hear when it comes to systems and softwares. ... dly-design
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Well, Atkinson has an iOS/iPhone app postcard printing/mailing service is folding up the tent. (Atkinson’s signature is embossed inside the back casing with Jobs and the rest) I’ve used it since my first iPhone. Like 2012/3. Great stuff I’ll miss.

Email today
Dear PhotoCard User,

I am sorry to inform you that the PhotoCard print-and-mail service will shut down indefinitely after Thursday morning’s batch of cards.

If you have any last cards you want printed, or any favorite cards you want reprinted, please send them by Wednesday evening.

After Thursday morning, you will still be able to use PhotoCard to design and share custom email postcards, and view and search all the postcards you have sent, but the print-and-mail service will no longer be available.

The PhotoCard project has been a shared labor of love, with many people contributing, including Mark Sarpa, Harry Whitehouse, Mary Kean and my late wife Sioux Atkinson. Special appreciation goes to Progressive Solutions in San Jose, California for their dedicated partnership, teamwork, and excellence in printing.

Our intention for PhotoCard is to nurture heartwarming connections between people using the tradition of postcards but make them more personal and more convenient.

Thank you all for using PhotoCard to share love and memories, and enrich many lives over the last ten years! Please continue to reach out and share love and connection with each other.

Thank you for being part of the PhotoCard project. I am sorry the print-and-mail service has to end.

With great appreciation, Bill Atkinson.

For printed cards, a number of other good postcard apps are available, for example Ink Cards by Sincerely Inc. I have no affiliation with them, but they do make a nice card. ... d477296657

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RIP Larry Tesler