...well human waste (for Facebook et all, not us)

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FTC probing past acquisitions from Facebook, Amazon, Google

The Federal Trade Commission said Tuesday it sent requests to Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft seeking information about acquisitions they have completed in the past 10 years.

In particular, the agency is looking for information on previous acquisitions by the tech giants that were not required to be reported to antitrust agencies because the dollar value of the deal wasn't high enough.

The announcement marks a major expansion of antitrust regulators' scrutiny of the tech industry, as large players — particularly Amazon, Facebook and Google — have been criticized for their dominance.

Off hand thinking of the companies Facebook bought (Instagram, Whatsapp), they may be screwed.
macnuke Afar
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Fb can burn.. i would neither mourn it's loss or miss it in the slightest.
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...well human waste (for Facebook et all, not us)