Reviving a MacBook Air

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mmaverick my steady systematic decline
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I was given a 2014 MacBook Air with water damage. it was taken to an Apple authorized tech a few years ago, but they were told it would be too expensive to fix, so they bought a new computer from the same place.

So, I grabbed a power cable for it (don’t know where the old one went) and booted it up to see what I could get. Well, it did power on, but to the ? Folder. I figure logic board may actually be ok’ing, but that the ssd/controller is hooped. I hooked up an external ssd and reinstalled Mavericks through internet recovery and she works! Keyboard/backlight/speaker all work perfect, no overspinning fans, but the battery is dead and not showing up at all.

I turned off the computer and took off the bottom panel to see if maybe the tech unplugged or removed the battery, but no it looks like I’ve got to grab a new one. I did however find something the tech did remove, the ssd is gone... I’m hoping the original owners know it was removed, but that would definitely explain why it’s not mounting.

So to recap
2014 MacBook Air (low spec 1.4 ghz 4gig)
Working keyboard/speakers/fans

Bad battery

Missing SSD

Other than Craigslist/facebook etc. Does anyone know a good place to find one of the 120/240 gig ssds that came with these? I don’t want to spend real money on one of the expensive OWC replacements only to find out that the pci-e slot or controller are fried, and I think I would need to update the computer a fair amount before I could use one of the nvme adapters.

I also read in one sketchy craigslist ad that many of the newer MacBook Air logicboards are interchangeable with this one. Anyone know if that’s true?
maurvir Steamed meat popsicle
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I believe the NVME cards in those are paired to the machine by way of the TPM, so I'm not sure how that will go. However, I do know that they are proprietary drives - which means you have to get it from Apple or someone who makes Apple compatible parts (like OWC). You can't put a standard M.2 SSD in there. However, any SSD from 2013 to 2017 will work in it.

The good news is that they aren't that much more expensive - maybe 2x what a standard M.2 drive would be. For what it is, I'd get a new drive myself, but that's just me. OWC's 480GB is $150 (vs ~$70 for a standard M.2 drive)
Robert B. Dandy Highwayman
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You can get pin adaptors for the SSD on Amazon. Find the right adaptor for the MB and use the SSD of your choice.
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Reviving a MacBook Air