Fun surprises with unsecured Bluetooth!

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maurvir Steamed meat popsicle
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My wife and daughter both got bluetooth speakers a few years ago - the DY28 Plus:

Other than being crap clocks (they gain time like crazy), they have functioned well enough. Until last night, that is.

My wife went to connect her phone to her speaker to play her round sound app only to discover that the speaker was already paired and playing the audio of a football game. We tried resetting it several times, but each time, the speaker would start blaring the play by play. This was getting absurd, and I knew it had to be someone in close proximity. The solution was to reset it on the far side of the house, then pair my wife's phone to it while it was still out of range of the first device.

Crazy, but this is what you get when there are NO authentication steps required for pairing.
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Yeah, our living room speakers are the same way. So are the neighbors. I kinda want to pipe some audio over there for kicks but they're probably know it was me.

I vaguely recall an XKCD (or similar comic) that posited something to the effect of "society works despite all the flaws because most people don't want to set everything on fire."
Vulture 420
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I recently got a great bluetooth speaker for $50 for the car because the stereo in there is from 1979. The pairing has no security protocol so anybody within range could use it accidentally or intentionally, I suppose. However, isn't the point of such a system to be paired only after being powered on, and once it is paired with one device, no other device can take it over?
The device I got is about the size of a 20 oz. "to go" coffee cup and has incredible bass response and plenty of volume for its size. The battery life is impressive also, I haven't even charged it yet since receiving it. It doesn't have a clock.
ukimalefu want, but shouldn't, may anyway
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the thing about bluetooth is that it only has like a 30 feet range tops, doesn't it? so hackers would basically need to be in the same room with you.

But, I could be wrong, and yes, it should be more secure. ... -know.html
The Bluetooth 5 spec allows low-energy transmissions to sacrifice data rate for more range. A lot more range: up to four times the range of Bluetooth 4.2 LE, for a maximum of around 800 feet. That’s a theoretical maximum, mind you. In the real world, you can expect much less, though it’s still going to be a huge improvement over older versions of Bluetooth.

A personal example is where my mom's phone stays connected to her car while she's inside a building at the far end.
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Fun surprises with unsecured Bluetooth!