App behavior in ALL versions of Andriod being exploited

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ALL versions of AndroidOS are vulnerable including Android 10 which was first issued on September 19, 2019. Google has not announced when a fix might be available.

There is a function within AndroidOS called TaskAffinity which allows apps to assume the identity of other apps (perhaps someone else can explain when this might be a good idea because I camnot think of one). In specific cases of 36 malicious apps--all since removed from Google Play but still available elsewhere--these app will remain running in the background. When a trusted app like a banking app is started and brought to the foreground, then the malicious app will either overlay the login screen of that banking app on top of the real one or bring up another login screen in the middle of the session sometimes explicitly saying that this is a check to make sure that you are actually you. The malicious app will record the login attempt and pass that info back to the malicious company.

If you are in the VERY BAD habit of using the same name/password everywhere then even if the foreground app has nothing particularly exploitable then your name/password combo will be known by the malicious company.

Almost as bad, these malicious apps will ask for access to functions like the microphone, the camera, the phone for calling and/or txt messaging while under the guise of another app which would be more reasonable to grant such access such as, say, Instagram.
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What a nightmare.
I'm glad i enabled fingerprint login

I'd probably fall for the verification prompt tho
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App behavior in ALL versions of Andriod being exploited