AT&T committed massive fraud to prop up DirecTV Now

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CW-1 added that when DirecTV Now was running a promotion, Sales Representatives were taught to create up to three accounts with that $35 activation fee, and would do so by using "bogus" email addresses for the extra accounts, and "sneakily run" the customer's credit card for each account. CW-1 added that AT&T's system was designed to allow this and did not require the email accounts to be verified, so the personnel in the store could "put any" email address into their systems and run the same credit card for multiple accounts.

CW-1 further advised that once the supposed trial period had passed, he and his colleagues were supposed to manually cancel those subscriptions so the customer would not get charged. CW-1 explained that they would do this through a "back end" system, without the customer ever knowing. CW-1 added that they would keep a "log" which detailed the customer's information, the fake email addresses, and the date that they needed to cancel. According to CW-1, the log was kept on the notepad function on an iPad so he could manually go in and cancel the accounts. CW-1 added that sometimes the customers would continue to be charged on their credit cards without their knowledge, but most times, CW-1 and his colleagues would go into the accounts and cancel them manually to remove the recurring charge.

I always knew that worthless scumbag of a CEO should have been fired. Apparently he should be fired so he can serve out a lengthy prison sentence for securities fraud. :goth:

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ATT will pay a trivial fine, top management involved will be jettisoned with multi-million dollar golden parachutes only to be snapped up by other companies eager for their expertise.
There will be no justice here.
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AT&T committed massive fraud to prop up DirecTV Now