iOS 13 is awesome

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Lombo Opiofiend
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I’ve just installed iOS 13.1 beta2. It is awesome. Face ID is soooo fast. App launching is wicked fast. The dark mode is awesome. It is polished like no other release I’ve used so far. For example: In order to preserve the longevity of the battery the iPhone stays at 80% and begins charging to 100% just before you begins your day. Text manipulation and selection has been greatly improved. You can do 3 finger pinches in and out to copy/paste. Find my phone no longer relies on having internet on your device. Bluetooth is now used in a kind of peer to peer network with other iOS or Mac OS devices. That and so much more have been added.

I love it!
Vulture 420
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I'm looking forward to being able to exit iOS 10 this year at some point.
Perhaps you can confirm this problem: with iOS 13 anyone with physical access to an iPhone can reveal the contents of its Contacts list without unlocking the iPhone:

1) call the locked iPhone from any other phone,
2) select "Message" to respond to the call,
3) select "Custom" in the pop-up menu to type in a TXT,
4) in Message, click on the "To:" field and that locked iPhone's Contacts list becomes readable.

Here is a video demonstrating this (note: the narrator speaks in Spanish).

While initially discovered about 6 months ago, the hacker who found it said that he can take advantage of this bug in the latest beta release.

As yet Apple has not OFFICIALLY responded, but a press release from Apple said that the release date for iOS 13.0 is scheduled for Sept. 19th and a (this?)bug-fixed iOS 13.1 will be released on Sept. 30th.
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iOS 13 is awesome