Google Assistant's turn in the privacy hotseat

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"In these recordings, we could clearly hear addresses and other sensitive information," the VRT article said. "This made it easy for us to find the people involved and confront them with the audio recordings."

VRT said it "let ordinary Flemish people hear some of their own recordings" and that these people confirmed that the recordings contained their voices.

Google Home is supposed to record only when users say the "OK Google" or "Hey Google" trigger phrases. But VRT NWS said that 153 of the 1,000 recordings it listened to "were conversations that should never have been recorded and during which the command 'OK Google' was clearly not given." Recorded voices leaked to VRT included "bedroom conversations, conversations between parents and their children, but also blazing rows and professional phone calls containing lots of private information."

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Meanwhile, Appleā€™s SIRI is in a beach chair, sipping a Coolata.
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Google Assistant's turn in the privacy hotseat