Replacing Time Capsule. Is a complete backup still worth it?

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So I've been using a Time Capsule for a long time. My current one is about 4 years old, and has begin to act periodically flakey, restarting itself and just having some coverage issues where it did not before.

Since we just moved and new internet service will be installed soon, I'm considering replacing it. My current setup has a gigabit-capable wifi router inside a metal box (like an electrical box), with individual room ethernet connections plugged in. My Time Capsule is in the living room in bridge mode, providing only wifi, and also acting as a wired switch so that my Apple TV and media Hackintosh can be connected by ethernet (the Hack can't do wifi, though the Apple TV can). It's set up this way because the metal box causes poor reception if I use the router's wifi, so I just turn the router's wifi off.

I'm looking for a device to replace the time capsule only for now (so used in bridge mode), but I would prefer something that I could also trust as a router in the future. I'm leaning toward the Asus RT-ac68u, which I can get a good price on locally.

That model has USB ports, so I could take out the HD from my current Time Capsule and put it in an enclosure, or just get a new backup drive. But is it still worth doing a Time Machine backup? I mean, my photo library is iCloud synced, all of my documents are either backed up on iCloud Drive or OneDrive, and I'm just not so sure the operating system and installed applications are really worth backing up anymore. The reality is, from a fresh, empty system, the time to restore from backup at this point isn't much shorter than the time it takes to reinstall macOS, reinstall the applications I actually care about, and have cloud sync replace all of the documents and photos and whatnot.

Anyone have any thoughts? Or any router recommendations?
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I still like the idea of a full local backup, but Time Machine is a bit flaky. I use TM on my laptop, but my other systems have Crashplan now. You can do a Crashplan backup to another local system, if you're not keen on the Cloud thing.
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Replacing Time Capsule. Is a complete backup still worth it?