Google throws in the towel on tablets

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maurvir Steamed meat popsicle
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Given how much I dislike iOS, this is not happy news, because it means Android is going to become even further phone-centric. It's already hard to get quality tablet apps, usually iOS ports, now.

Oh well, I guess I'll hold onto my Galaxy Tab S2 until it dies, then suck it up and learn to live in Apple's walled prison world.
ukimalefu want, but shouldn't, may anyway
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Another company could still try to improve android somehow for tablets.

But google basically said they won't manufacture tablets, but they still will make chromebooks, and those still have touchscreens, right?


Also, wait for reviews, or until you try, the new iPad OS. If only to be 100% sure you still don't like it.
maurvir Steamed meat popsicle
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My issues with iOS go pretty deep.

1) No direct access to the file system is a huge one. For example, I like to play Baldur's Gate on my tablet, and I can easily mod the game by creating an override folder in the app's data folder with the modded game files. That is theoretically possible in iOS, but only so long as the developer gives you some way to do it (sort of like how Firefox gives you a special transfer folder)

2) There doesn't appear to be any way to run a local VPN, which means on-device ad blocking is a no-go unless you jailbreak.

3) It's Safari or bust, even if you run another "browser". If Safari doesn't render something properly, well good luck.

4) There is no way to install open-source apps outside of the app store. Even if there were, there is no way to override things like the launcher.

5) Apple has pushed everyone to "subscriptions". You can't just pay a one-time fee to disable ads or get an upgrade, now you have to pay yearly. I hate subscriptions, and the first time I got an unexpected renewal, I would be in danger of throwing my device.

I would also have to accept giving up all the paid apps I already own for Android.
Pariah Know Your Enemy
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This is a shame but not a surprise. Tablets just failed to become the big thing they were expected to be. I could take this time as an "I told you so moment", so I will.
The trouble with tablets is that while everyone seems to have one, I do, everyone I know does, people keep the damned things forever and don't replace them until they die or get broken.
I think the replacement cycle is too long to extract any real profit out of a tablet.
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Samsung makes a good tablet, but they cost almost as much as an iPad and Samsung adds their own overlay of blatherskite to Android
I do not have a tablet; mainly because Apple never (until now) had the feature that should have been there at the get go; which is being able to use it as an external display and a drawing tablet, like the Wacom Cintiq. Such a no brainer that I can't believe it took Apple this many generations to enable it. Hell I would not have even cared if it was wired.
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Google throws in the towel on tablets