us supreme court rules against apple in antitrust case

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court allows case to proceed over pricing in apple's app store

In those cases, Apple charges a commission of 30%, a practice that the lawsuit contends unfairly drives up the price for the apps. Justice Brett Kavanaugh wrote the majority opinion that agreed the antitrust lawsuit can move forward in a lower court.

The court’s four liberal justices joined Kavanaugh, one of President Donald Trump’s two high court appointees, to reject a plea from Apple to end the lawsuit at this early stage. The decision did not involve the merits of the suit.

Apple argues it’s merely a pipeline between app developers and consumers, and that iPhone users have no claims against Apple under antitrust law and a 1977 Supreme Court decision. Tens of thousands of developers create the software and set the price, Apple says.

“We’re confident we will prevail when the facts are presented and that the App Store is not a monopoly by any metric,” Apple said in statement issued in response to Monday’s ruling. The lawsuit could take years to wind to its conclusion.

hard to picture a us court ruling against apple in the actual case, but maybe that's just me

the court case seems valid to me. Even Windows 10 is moving away from pushing the Windows Store as the sole source of UWP apps.
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It is about freaking time. Apple has needed to allow the ability to use other stores on iOS for a long time, and I might even consider switching once the courts loosen Apple's grip enough to allow real innovation again.
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us supreme court rules against apple in antitrust case