Microsoft is taking your books away

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Microsoft is taking your books away

Post by ukimalefu »

At least the books you bought from them ... aries.html

Microsoft has a DRM-locked ebook store that isn't making enough money, so they're shutting it down and taking away every book that every one of its customers acquired effective July 1.

Customers will receive refunds.
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Post by user »

Customers will receive refunds.

At least there's that.
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Post by maurvir »

Wow. I thought that died long ago with Microsoft Reader. The fact that they are disabling access to already downloaded books is ridiculous, but unsurprising these days. That said, I remember it not being all that difficult to remove the DRM back in the day.
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Post by juice »

/me looks at his book case
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Post by macaddict4life »

After a similar experience with Palm long ago, I now save a DRM-free epub of all books I buy. It isn't hard to do if you mostly purchase from Amazon. B&N used to be easy too, but now is harder (but still possible).

The other advantage is it means I can buy from whatever decrypt able store, and use whatever device or app I want for everything.
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Post by Pariah » ?

What format does MS use for ebooks?
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Post by Kirk »

I'm sorry but its my ebook and taking it back from me isn't acceptable, refund or not. I think I'll resist ebooks a little more strongly now.
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Post by Betonhaus »

Pariah wrote: ?

What format does MS use for ebooks?

It's totally .lit
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