Yes,Virginia, there are still ways to innovate in cell phone

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Title: Steamed meat popsicle

Yes,Virginia, there are still ways to innovate in cell phone

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I wonder when Apple will have the courage to try something like that...
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I first thought that was an illustration of a laser flashlight.

Well, I guess you gotta do something to distinguish your phones. The "function defines form" factor seems to have gone as far as it can, seeing as how humans have to use they're eyes and fingers. I guess someday we could have a transparent wafer, or flexible as a handkerchief, or a holographic projection; but we will still need a screen big enough to interact with our fingers.

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1. Photo links are worse than raw urls as the urls usually still have a byline for context.

2. What the hell does Virginia have to do with anything?
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Title: Inadvertently correct

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1. Hover over the picture and the link will appear at the bottom of your browser

1. Maybe you should look up the phrase for context?
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Title: Know Your Enemy

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Not even duct tape will fix stupid, but it can muffle the sound.
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Oooh, a zoom. Come on Apple! The iPhone is my last Apple product . . . .
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