ShadowHammer Backdoor Exploit for ASUS motherboards

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ShadowHammer Backdoor Exploit for ASUS motherboards

Post by Aaron_R »

If you built a PC with an ASUS motherboard last year you REALLY need to go to their site and download their check your PC for ShadowHammer tool. It has just been publicly announced (after it was known to ASUS since January... :squint: ) that ASUS branded motherboards had their firmware hijacked last year and malicious code was injected into the motherboard BIOS update tool.

Operation ShadowHammer – ASUS is the last victim of a clamorous supply chain attack that delivered a backdoor to more than one million users, Kaspersky Lab reported.
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Post by avkills »

Whoops! I think the majority of hackintosh users have Gigabyte, but I could be wrong. Good to know though.
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Post by macaddict4life »

I think my Hack was MSi, as it was easier to find one of the compatible MSi boards here.
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