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Donkey Butter wrote: the iPhone crops in 4K :p

:lol: Yeah my iPhone 5, which is still going after almost 8 years, crops in whatever the hell it does video in also. Will I ever buy a crazy cinema camera one day like a C100 for some wild reason? I kinda hope not. Something tells me there will be a iPhone event where they boast 4K cinematic quality so everyone and their mother can just make really bad movies that look almost ok.

My question is, do cameras like the 5D4 have to crop into 4K, or are they just feature limiting like people complain about what Apple does so you need to splurge for other devices?

I personally don't care, Full HD at 24fps looks really damn good, and 4K is more of a technical decision that has to have merit for the purpose it's being used, like post production zoom to compensate for real world and budgetary limitations.
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They don't have to crop to 4k. They could also pixel drop. 4k only uses the equivalent of an 8mp sensor. so you either crop the field of view and use just a portion of the sensor or you use the full field of view and drop pixels to get to an equivalent megapixel size.

even the (c200 and possible the c100) use a super 35 sensor which has a very similar crop to the 5D4 or R

To use all 30+mp of the 5D4 for shooting 4k would overheat the camera

Link to a more extensive and probably better worded explanation
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