Not content with overcharging for devices...

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Not content with overcharging for devices...

Post by maurvir »

Apple wants to overcharge publishers as well

The Wall Street Journal (subscription required) reports that Apple is running into a wall with negotiations, with the company's proposed cut central to that pushback. Apple wants to keep a whopping 50% of subscription revenue, an even higher cut compared to the 15% to 30% cut that it takes from subscription-based apps and subscriptions it sells through Apple News. The remaining 50% of subscription revenue would get aggregated into a larger shared pool, which would then be paid out to publishers based on their proportionate share of user engagement, according to the report.

I somehow suspect that the content available on Apple's new subscription service isn't going to be as heady as they had hoped.
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Post by Pariah »

50%, that's stick fiddling crazy.
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Post by Donkey Butter »

the fact that these guys are even in talks with Apple tells me 50% is Apple being generous.
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Post by obvs »

Another Apple product I'm not going to use.
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Post by macaddict4life »

While I think 50% is high, and I don't see why they can't use the 30% that was long standard in the App Store (or the newer 30%/15% system), be aware of where the 50% number came from. That was the revenue split already in use by Texture, the service that Apple bought to develop into this service.
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