Apple tells app makers to remove/disclose user tracking

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Apple tells app makers to remove/disclose user tracking

Post by DEyncourt »

Within 24 hours after TechCrunch revealed that "Many popular iPhone apps secretly record your screen without asking", Apple is telling app makers to remove the recordings or fully disclose to users when such recordings are being made, or otherwise face removal from Apple's App Store.

Similar to the Facebook/Google violations, such recordings are against the rules for apps not only at Apple's App Store but at Google Play as well (though TechCrunch had not gotten a reply from Google when the second link above was posted).

Do note that Apple gave app makers "less than a day" for these corrections to be made.
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Post by maurvir »

Most of the offenders were using 3rd party analytics code, so it really shouldn't take long. It's also a bit more nuanced, as many of those app developers were using the data for reasonable research on how people interacted with the apps. It's just that some of the app developers were being stupid about it. I think the requirement to notify is a good one overall, so kudos to Apple.
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