Here we go again - TWC/IBM selling geolocation data

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The IBM-owned Weather Channel app has been transmitting its users' precise geolocation data to advertisers and other third parties despite telling users that their location data was needed only for providing local weather data, according to a lawsuit filed Thursday by California government officials.

When asking users for permission to turn on location tracking, the iOS and Android app does not "give users any reason to believe that their location data will be used for anything other than personalized local weather data, alerts, and forecasts," the lawsuit said.

"Unbeknownst to many users, the Weather Channel App has tracked users' detailed geolocation data for years, analyzing and/or transferring that data to third parties for a variety of commercial and advertising purposes, including for targeted advertisements based on locations users frequent, and for hedge funds interested in analyzing consumer behavior," the lawsuit said.

The lawsuit was filed by Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer, who is representing the people of the state of California. The complaint, filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, seeks civil penalties and an injunction barring the Weather Channel "from engaging in these prohibited business practices," which allegedly violate California's Unfair Competition Law. (The New York Times posted a copy of the complaint here.)

The fun part is that IBM bought this solely to sell the geolocation data, yet they claim the are innocent and will defend themselves in court... :goth:
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Here we go again - TWC/IBM selling geolocation data