Weirdness with iPhone's Apple Mail

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OK, I have a weird problem.

In the System app I am logged into my ********** @ mac . com account, BUT when I start my iPhone's Mail app I get a list of various mail services to set up.

When I select iCloud I get a request for my account and password. Based on the past I type in "********* @ icloud . com" then my password, but I get a window declaring that ******** @ mac . com is already on my iPhone.

Please advise.
Wow, everyone posted all at once. :lol:
So my first thought is that, in your system settings for the account, you might not have mail enabled (for some reason). So that would be the first thing I would check, just to be sure. After that, the only follow-up step I can think of would be to delete and re-add the account from scratch, probably through the initial configuration prompt in the Mail app to be sure that everything is syncing correctly there first and foremost.

I think because my phone is connected only through my phone service, just to get the screen to logout of my account is too slow. Since I do not know if I will be similarly slowed trying to get back in, I will wait until I get home and my WiFi (but then I will have access to my MacBook Pro).
arkayn Aaarrrggghhhh
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Seeing as this part of the forum is searchable by bots, I removed and edited the email address' from your post.
D'oh! Thanks.
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Weirdness with iPhone's Apple Mail