Verizon/AOL has wrist slapped over COPPA violations

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maurvir Meat popsicle
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Verizon-owned AOL helped advertisers track children online in order to serve targeted ads, in violation of a federal children's privacy law, and has agreed to pay a fine of $4.95 million, New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood announced today.

"The Attorney General's Office found that AOL conducted billions of auctions for ad space on hundreds of websites the company knew were directed to children under the age of 13," Underwood's announcement said. "Through these auctions, AOL collected, used, and disclosed personal information from the websites' users in violation of COPPA [Children's Online Privacy Protection Act], enabling advertisers to track and serve targeted ads to young children."

In addition to paying the largest-ever fine for violating COPPA, the Verizon-owned company "has agreed to adopt comprehensive reforms to protect children from improper tracking," the announcement said.

I'm sure there was a stern "talking to" as well... :goth:
Old Yoda agitator
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These so called fines for screwing costumers are ill conceived.
Instead they should be compelled to drop prices by 50 percent.
juice Inadvertently correct
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I'm sure their executive staff salary bonus target for a single quarter was many more times that figure.
macnuke Afar
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verizon can sneeze and find the 5m in the snotrag.
Metacell Chocolate Brahma
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All corporate crime should involve no financial penalty, but mandatory prison sentences.
obvs precoupado
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All corporate crime should involve government seizure of the corporation by the state or by the federal government, depending on the scope of the corporation and the law that was broken.
Pariah Know Your Enemy
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A pedophiles wet dream and it has been well established that most of the super rich display aberrant personality types.
All that data would be all they needed to identify vulnerable children.
Epstein getting taken down required a new way to lure children into sex slavery. This may be it.
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Verizon/AOL has wrist slapped over COPPA violations