room temperature superconducting material

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room temperature superconducting material

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Compressing simple molecular solids with hydrogen at extremely high pressures, University of Rochester engineers and physicists have, for the first time, created material that is superconducting at room temperature.

Applications include:

Power grids that transmit electricity without the loss of up to 200 million megawatt hours (MWh) of the energy that now occurs due to resistance in the wires.
A new way to propel levitated trains and other forms of transportation.
Medical imaging and scanning techniques such as MRI and magnetocardiography
Faster, more efficient electronics for digital logic and memory device technology.

The amount of superconducting material created by the diamond anvil cells is measured in picoliters—about the size of a single inkjet particle.

The next challenge, Dias says, is finding ways to create the room temperature superconducting materials at lower pressures, so they will be economical to produce in greater volume. ... erial.html
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The carbonaceous sulfur hydride exhibited superconductivity at about 58 degrees Fahrenheit and a pressure of about 39 million psi.

That's probably the key. Temperature isn't temperature anymore at that kind of pressures.
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Misleading thread title is misleading
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Just find somethings which can be made into wire and which superconducts at 1 ATM pressure and -40C. That would take off.
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