RIP the Amazing Randi

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RIP the Amazing Randi

Post by Séamas »

RIP James Randi
August 7, 1928 – October 20, 2020
A fierce defender of reality and foe of all woo. ... ies-at-92/
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Post by Warin »

If he comes back to haunt Uri Gellar, does Gellar get the million bucks?
I'm sorry Dave...
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Post by Pithecanthropus »

He came to campus when I was in college. We got him to do a few sounders for the radio station. He influenced me to become a skeptic. RIP.
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Post by obvs »

Warin wrote: If he comes back to haunt Uri Gellar, does Gellar get the million bucks?
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Post by ukimalefu »

I don't think I really know this man, but I found a good quote

“No amount of belief makes something a fact.” ― James Randi
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Post by Malkin »

As a longtime fan of Randi and the Skeptics Society, etc. I'm a bit ashamed to admit that I thought it died a few years ago. But I think I'm confusing that with when he finally came out of the closet.

Either way, RIP.
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