Dealing with human waste coffee

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I’ll admit, it’s a depression decision.
Pithecanthropus posted:
gd posted:
Despite using a french press, unless you have had coffee from fresh puertorican beans, ground minutes before brewing, your coffee experience is lacking.

Any fresh roasted, freshly ground coffee will give you that experience. Puerto Rican beans are great, but I wouldn’t put them head and shoulders above all other coffees. Personally, I’d take a Tanzanian Peaberry over any other coffee around.

Indonesian beans for me, which are (ironically) harder to buy in Taiwan than South American beans.

And, in a rare case of double-irony, I couldn't find ANY whole-bean coffee for sale (Indonesian or otherwise) on my last trip to Indonesia.
Vulture posted:
Robert B. posted:
Vulture posted: day Starbucks will decide to make instant coffee when they decide they need even more money...

Have you heard about Starbucks Via?

:lol: I just Googled it! Amazing, they make instant coffee now! If it wasn't 6 times the price of Taster's Choice, I'd be all over it.

It's a different process than typical instant. There's actually an interesting story behind it, about a cell biologist and cancer researcher who loved to camp and wanted to develop a process that better preserved coffee to be used as instant but without the losses in quality and flavor. He brought a sample of his powder to a local store where they eventually passed it on to corporate. The Frappuccino and Starbucks' coffee ice cream came from the early steps of the process, where the procedure led to a much better quality product that was ready to be used in other things but not of sufficient quality to be released as instant under the Starbucks brand. Eventually it hit a quality point where they were ready to release it, and it was coming to market right before he died. There's a story about Howard Schultz bringing the packaging to show the inventor on his deathbed, as I recall.

Via uses a process called micro grind and, in my opinion, is still a far cry from a good bean brewed via French press, cold brew, or another quality brewing method. However it is head and shoulders better than any other instant I've ever had, and drinkable in a pinch. It also makes a good fake mocha if you mix it with hot chocolate. They also only produce their most common coffees in via, so none of the Indonesian coffees I'm really a fan of.
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I didn't know that. Cool story.
I think it's from "Pour Your Heart into It," which was actually a pretty good read.
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Dealing with human waste coffee

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