Test of Boeing Starliner's abort system live

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Source. The streaming video is in the last video of the top article at the site.

CURRENTLY the test is set for 5:50 am PST so about a half-hour as I type this BUT NASA has scheduled for a 3 hour window for this test to happen.
Countdown paused at 1 minute, with eventually a switch to live coverage with the test launch set for 6 am PST.

At YouTube.
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that was a nice soft landing

it would be a cool amusement park ride, if it wasn't for the you may die part
Successful test starting at 6:15 am PST even though only two of the main parachutes deployed.

One of the narrators pointed out that the redundancy is such that the abort system would have been successful if only one of the drogue parachutes and one of the main parachutes had deployed.
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Test of Boeing Starliner's abort system live