Helicopter parents new summer camp friend!

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Summer camps are using facial recognition software to send parents pics of their kids having fun while "away at camp".

While some institutions are limiting such pics to just one a day, there are some which can send over 1000 pics EACH DAY.

AND some photographers will demand to take reshoots if they can see that this or that camper is NOT seen smiling (even as a joke): "C'mon, honey, smile for the camera with that tarantula on your head!"

Although one professional photographer noted:
The kids, knowing their parents, will often try to make themselves seen, racing up to her during the day to say their parents need more photos. “A lot of the girls will say, ‘A photo a day keeps your mum away,’” she said.

Um, countdown until the first such summer camp facial recognition server is found WITHOUT proper security safeguards: 5...4...3....
I thought parents sent their kids to summer camp so they could "do stuff" and not have to monitor them.
j_tso obviously is NOT a helicopter parent.
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Helicopter parents new summer camp friend!