The Challenge of Going Off Psychiatric Drugs

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The Challenge of Going Off Psychiatric Drugs

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This is a hard article to read at times, particularly at the beginning when (at least for me) it was hard to relate to the woman at the center of the article. However, it is a fascinating look at what happens at the end of the line, when people are trying to wean themselves from all of these psychiatric medications.
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Wow. Quite the read.

From personal experience, cold turkey withdrawal from SSRIs is an incredibly bad idea. “Brain Zaps” is totally a thing and completely fucks you up. I did it once because I couldn’t afford my meds and I was too messed up to seek help. I did it for a few days more recently because my prescription ran out and I was trying to tough it out until my doctors appointment two weeks later. SUPER bad idea.

I am really fortunate that my anxiety responds really well to the SSRI (cipralex) and when I have serious situationally anxiety, I have a bottle of Ativan. I am so afraid of becoming addicted to the highly addictive Ativan that I rarely use it.

This woman’s situation definitely sounds far worse than my situation, but I read so much in that article that resonates with me that it was difficult to go through at times. I do appreciate, though, that there is a growing movement to work with the person, rather than making judgements and writing a prescription.
I'm sorry Dave...
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