Florida Man Game.

How's life?
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Title: Know Your Enemy

Florida Man Game.

Post by Pariah »

I don't usually promulgate internet silly games but this one is funny.
Google "Florida Man" and then your birthday and be amused by the results.
On the first page of results for my birthday were these gems:
'Trump will handle it': Florida man targets Iraqi family's home...
Florida man put semen in coworker's water.....
Florida Man Finds WWII Grenade, Takes It to Taco Bell...
What do guys get? :D
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Post by dv »

Florida man arrested, accused of shoving woman to get egg rolls.

Hahah. This is funny.

Florida man convicted of killing former FSU mascot in gumbo spice dispute.

Oh... damn. That's rtragic. I mean, okay, they were probably drinking heavily or someth-

Florida won't charge prison guards who boiled schizophrenic black man Darren Rainey to death.

Okay I officially don't like this game.
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Title: Inadvertently correct

Post by juice »

Do they put LSD in the water in that place?
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Post by Pithecanthropus »

Florida man attacked by a "crazy squirrel" gone nuts!
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Title: Bug in the Machine

Post by ukimalefu »

Florida man tried to steal vending machine from apartment complex

Florida man loses his shorts while breaking into a car dealership

those are kinda boring, but it got ugly after that
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Post by TOS »

man steers motorcycle with feet on florida highway
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Post by Séamas »

I'm getting a lot of hits for the "Florida Man Challenge"

But also got

Florida man sues hair dye maker after being scarred

Florida man shouted 'Allah Akbar' during violent rampage that left…
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Post by Donkey Butter »

"Did “Florida Man” dig an underground tunnel in attempt to rob a bank?"

"20-year-old Florida man wins $451-million Mega Millions jackpot"
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Post by macnuke »

so I got ""Florida Man" Ends Argument With Chainsaw Strike"

my wife got "Florida Man drops pants and sodomizes pink flamingo to death"

I'll pass on Florida thank you

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Post by Yori »

"Florida man caught on camera licking doorbell"
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Post by Vulture »

I'm moving to Florida.
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Post by Robert »

I'm visiting next month.
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