Flip the D for higher performance

How's life?
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Title: Steamed meat popsicle

Flip the D for higher performance

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In the world of fusion physics, two letters say it all: ‘L’ and ‘H’. All the cool kids play with the H-mode, which is hot and fiery and is our best prospect for achieving useable fusion energy. The L-mode, which is neither hot nor fiery, has been largely abandoned. But by changing the shape of the L-mode, researchers have been able to get unexpectedly high pressures. High enough for fusion? Maybe.
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it's just a few years away!
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Title: Inadvertently correct

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I hear she likes it when you flip the D
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He does, not sure if she does.
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Not another Pons-y scheme, I hope.
Pyke notte thy nostrellys
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