Things are getting medieval in California

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Jennifer Millar keeps trash bags and hand sanitizer near her tent, and she regularly pours water mixed with hydrogen peroxide on the sidewalk nearby. Keeping herself and the patch of concrete she calls home clean is a top priority.

But this homeless encampment off a Hollywood freeway ramp is often littered with needles and trash and soaked in urine. Rats occasionally scamper through, and Millar fears the consequences.

“I worry about all those diseases,” said Millar, 43, who has been homeless most of her life.

Infectious diseases—some that ravaged populations in the Middle Ages—are resurging in California and around the country, and are hitting homeless populations especially hard.

Los Angeles recently experienced an outbreak of typhus—a disease spread by infected fleas on rats and other animals—in downtown streets. Officials briefly closed part of City Hall after reporting that rodents had invaded the building.

People in Washington State have been infected with Shigella bacteria, which is spread through feces and causes the diarrheal disease shigellosis, as well as Bartonella quintana, or trench fever, which spreads through body lice.*

I have questions.
Housing needs to be fixed as prices are ridiculous. Also many homeless come to California from other parts of the country because the climate is mild.
I no longer have questions.
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throw in a catastrophic drug epidemic and collapsing mental health services and you get the present nightmare
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You have no idea how horrible the encampment by my house is. Without getting into a discussion about homelessness since i've been there done that more times than i can count, it's disgusting. Even the river access points have had extremely elevated levels of e coli and people were warned last summer not to go in the water. Homeless have been seen dumping 5 gallon buckets of waste in the. I'm hoping all this rain weve gotten is fixing that problem. Then there's the hiking and bike trails that are no longer safe to use because of the attacks by homeless. The trash is at epic proportions. Even when provided with bags and cans, they still leave all their trash all over te place.

I really feel for most of the homeless, but public health and safety should come first. I shoud also mention a very high percentage of the homeless in my area have some degree of mental illness.

Kirk: that's true. When i was working in the shelter, they were saying that California is the snowbird vacation destination for the midwest and northern homelss.
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Things are getting medieval in California