The travails of cremating the radioactive dead

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The travails of cremating the radioactive dead

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In 2017, a 69-year-old man with pancreatic cancer went to hospital with abnormally low blood pressure. Sadly, he died only two days later, and his remains were cremated.

What nobody at the hospital or the crematorium knew, was that this hadn't been the man's only recent trip to hospital.

Just one day earlier, in fact, he had been injected with a radioactive compound at another hospital to treat his tumour – and when his mortal remains were incinerated, this radioactive and potentially dangerous dose of lutetium Lu 177 dotatate was still inside his body.
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oh wait.. it's radioactive.. grab your tinfoil hats and jocks /yawn.
if you eat it or carry it in your pocket long enough.. it has a slim chance of doing something.
reality.. by the time cremation was overwith,,,, there wasn't enough of any to matter (oh a pun.. matter)

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Lutetium 177 is a beta emitter. So a sheet of paper is enough to stop the radiation from penetrating the body. ... tetium-177
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Turns out the travails aren’t all that much.
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they weren't chemtravails
Aw, he's no fun, he fell right over.

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It is pretty sucky for the corpses though. Not only are they dead, but they now have cancer too.
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