Stand-up comedy specials

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Stand-up comedy specials

Post by obvs »

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Post by ukimalefu »

I can only think of Dave Chappelle as recent ones I've seen...

There's a recent Seinfeld one I've been meaning to watch....

I used to watch them on youtube... Chris Rock... George Carlin...

Lately a lot of people seem to hate Amy Schumer, but long ago she was good...

Sarah Silverman I like
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Post by dv »

ukimalefu posted wrote:Lately a lot of people seem to hate Amy Schumer, but long ago she was good...

On her show, she did a number of sketches pointed at MRAs and "Nice Guy" misogyny. The scream was heard 'round the internet. You're probably just hearing the echoes of that.
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Post by Donkey Butter »

joe rogan and david cross both had good ones. also jim gaffigan
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Re: Stand-up comedy specials

Post by Metacell »

I like Michael Che's on Netflix, and John Leguizamo's Latin History for Morons. And of course everything by Chris Rock and Dave Chapelle. I liked the ones from Hasan Minhaj and Marc Maron as well.
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Post by juice »

Mitch Hedberg (rip) and Steven Wright were two of my favorites.
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Re: Stand-up comedy specials

Post by Ribtor »

I enjoyed the over-the -topness of Russell Brand's "Messiah Complex".

John Mulaney's "The Comeback Kid'" is enjoyable.

Sarah Silverman's "Jesus Is magic" has its moments.

Hannah Gadsby's "Kiss me Quick, I'm Full Of Jubes", "Nanette", and "Douglas" are a great trilogy.

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Re: Stand-up comedy specials

Post by Warin »

Hannah Gadsby. You need to watch Namette before Douglas though. Both on Netflix.

I want to be her friend. She is funny and sarcastic.
I'm sorry Dave...
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