So there's a new Batwoman

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So there's a new Batwoman

Post by ukimalefu »

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Damn, I'm not even done with season 1. Anyway, Ruby Rose quit, but racists are already mad, "they should have just ended the show, they only pandering to BLM!" they say. I have no doubt the reaction would have been different if they had cast someone else.

The new actor will play a different character taking the role of Batwoman, but the new character is also a lesbian.

Meh, it's a comic book character, from DC comics.

And yes, I do enjoy the CW's Arrowverse. Better than any DC comics based movies.
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Post by dv »

Cool... but they also need to fix the reason(s) Ruby Rose quit.

I'm also an Arrowverse fan. But when your entire schtick is "a soap opera, but also with beautiful people beating each other up and doing parkour" then workplace safety is important.
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Post by macnuke »

she's still hot.
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