Captain Proton The Series?

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Captain Proton The Series?

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McNeill and Wang played Tom Paris and Harry Kim, respectively, on Star Trek: Voyager. The sci-fi series ran on UPN from 1995 to 2001. The cast also included Kate Mulgrew, Robert Beltran, Roxann Dawson, and Jennifer Lien.

During a recent virtual panel, McNeill brought up the idea of a possible Captain Proton series. The Adventures of Captain Proton was a “holonovel” created by McNeill’s Voyager character Tom Paris and starring Wang’s character Harry Kim. The show-within-a-show emulated B-movies from the 1930s.

I'd watch it.
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That’d make a terrific short trek!
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This will go exactly as far as the "Captain Worf / Captain Riker" series ideas Dorn and Frakes were pitching back when.

Not that it should. I mean, honestly, a cornball 5-episode miniseries (shot in B&W!) where they try to out-ham Flash Gordon (get BRIAN BLESSED to do a cameo!) would be awesome. Redo the '50s without the racism & misogyny, and way better makeup and special effects.

But if they weren't even willing to properly fund stick fiddling Picard, they would probably pass on this completely.
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I think dv’s take on this is correct.
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