The Prime Video app on all platforms is absolutely terrible

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Let me list the reasons:

1. It is clearly written once - possible a webpage - then ported to all devices with the bare minimum effort. The App is identical on browsers, the Xbox One, Android, and Roku. Additionally, it has little to no integration with the respective device's key features. Two examples for the Roku App:

a) It uses it's own keyboard instead of the Roku system keyboard. This is very important due to one key detail: the roku keyboard allows you to use the keyboard on your phone to type things out, much more convenient then clicking one letter at a time like a neanderthal. This is especially painful when logging in when you have a long password - especially when after that work you get redirected to logging into the website on your phone and entering a code to connect your device.

b) it does NOT intergrate into the Roku's media search feature - where you can search for an actor or movie or tv series and it'll show you which streaming services offers that particular movie or series. It'll show that you can stream Star Wars on Disney+ and the Good place on Netflix, but it hasn't a clue of where to find American Gods.

2. Subtitle support is absolutely human waste, not great for us who are partially or completely deaf. Instead of defaulting to the system language it will default to the first language alphabetically, which was usually Deutshe. Useful if you actually know that language, but that's virtually never the case. And you could've spent the time to learn Deutshe only for the latest shows to start supporting Dansk subtitles. And even if you choose English, that choice is usually not persistent so you have to choose English again and again for every show you want. Hell, Even the automatically watch next episode function reverts to gibberish on most devices.

3. And the interface is godawefully clunky, with major UI fails. Back to the subtitle problem, it wouldn't be so bad if you could change the subtitle language while the video is playing or paused like you can for audio languages, but nooo. instead you have to exit out of the video, navigate to the subtitles tab, switch it back to english, then navigate to the episode tab (do NOT hit back or you exit out of the series entirely), find your episode then resume it. Then again turn subtitles back on then you can resume the video.

4. The whole tabbing system is extremely user-unfriendly. Each season is treated separately in the menu and watchlist, and if you hit the back button on an episode you'd expect to go to the episodes list, and if you hit back on that you'd expect to go to the seasons list, and if you hit back on either languages tab you'd expect to end up somewhere logical, but noo, they ALL send you back to the main menu, leaving you annoyed at yourself then having to click back to where you were.

All this makes show discovery just a bit more difficult, and actually watching shows a bit of a hassle - especially when you are hard of hearing and really needed the subtitles. it makes it enough that I watch very little on the service and makes it hard to justify when i have to go through hoops just for the one or two shows I'm actually interested in.
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I have prime video on and Vizio smart tv.
1. That's not a bug, that's a feature. I wish more apps were identical across platforms.
a) Yeah, that's a pain; but they all do that.
b) If you say so ... I don't use Roku most of the time.
2. I have not had that problem, and I use cc literally all the time.
3. I can see where that would be a pain, but I've personally never had to change subtitle languages in the middle of a show.
4. Yeah but ... you know it's going to click back to the main menu, so you use that knowledge to accomplish your goal, rather than be upset 'cause it's not working the way you think it should.

not arguing with you, man. just sharing my observations.

BUt yeah, I find watching streaming tv frustrating as hell. I'd like to see a list mode in alphabetical order that displays show titles across all apps, and when you click on a show title it takes you there without going through the app interface.
I'm pretty sure the Apple TV actually has its own version, at least the pre app store version
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What I hate about ALL streaming services (at least the ones I have):

Scroll through a bunch of movies or shows, move to another topic or genre, see the SAME GODDAMN stick fiddling LIST!!!!

"Hey, if you didn't want to watch "The Expanse" when it was listed under sci-fi, how about when it's listed under drama? How about when it's under 'Thought Provoking Shows'? How about when it's listed under 'New Shows'???"
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The Prime Video app on all platforms is absolutely terrible