Star Trek: Picard

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Holy crap, now I'm cautiously optimistic that this series isn't going to suck. :up:
"Picard" will have a significant advantage over the current Trek movies: character history. If a TNG fan watched all 7 seasons of TNG, that is a LOT of history for the writers to draw upon. In the new trailer in the linked article there are a lot of automatic "aww"s and "ooh"s (though some "wait...who is THAT?"s).

Unfortunately for the current crop of Trek movies, character history is part of their PROBLEM. Everyone involved in those movies have to draw upon TOS for relationships (except for Uhura-Spock which has significantly altered). This has put the writers for those movies in a tough bind because, of course, the new actors are not those old actors. I'm sure that there have been countless instances where the director had called "cut" then said "Well, that's not how Kirk/Spock/McCoy/Scotty/Uhura/etc. would have handled that. Could you try that again...wait, check this out in THIS episode from TOS...see the difference?" partly because they are catering to all of those Trek fans who have grown up watching TOS in syndication (and probably left at least some of the actors thinking "Then why did you hire me?").

Perhaps it would have been better if producers of the new Trek movies had simply said "We have a universe that has been altered from TOS, so let's make up a new ship and crew so the cast can create their own characters" but that would have lost a lot of nostalgia for TOS.

On the other hand, that idea seems to have worked for The Orville.
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i'm a little concerned that it got developed so quickly, but it does look pretty damn awesome
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At least it will take place in the future and not the future's alternate past!
I think public knowledge of development is a recent thing, but I would bet that it’s been in development behind the scenes for a lot longer.

I can’t wait!
While this particular preview video was released earlier this week, "Picard" was announced first in August 2018.

It is set to start being shown on CBS' All Access channel--so, yes, you must be a subscriber to watch this--in January 2020.
Vulture 420
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Damn Riker really let himself go. And Data got old (obsolete?).
macnuke Afar
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Vulture posted:
And Data got old (obsolete?).

still a few G5's running around today.
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Wake me when I don’t have to subscribe to yet another streaming service to see it.
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I just saw an image online... it may have spoiled the show... a bit... for me anyway... It may have been from a trailer, I don't know, I try to avoid trailers. I prefer to go in knowing nothing...

Apparently, the Picard show will have Brent Spiner as B4. That is all.

Again, all I saw was an image, no links, no explanation.

Here, have some more ellipses...
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Star Trek: Picard