"overly attached girlfriend" says farewell to youtube

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laina announces her last youtube video

it's a devastatingly candid video in which she talks about her struggles with mental illness

the frankness and honesty of her generation just astounds me constantly

i wish her all the best
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That is an amazing video, but it is definitely NSFW - assuming crying like a baby at your desk is frowned upon at your workplace.

For me, it was even harder to watch because I'm still going through a lot mentally myself. I saw myself in some of those video diary clips - the frustration at not being able to "be normal" or the inability to "fix yourself", the shame of feeling that way when, comparatively speaking, she/I have it pretty good. I also feel the same way about medications; the fear of the side effects, the shame of needing drugs to be normal. I have, so far, managed to avoid them, but I wonder how much different my own journey would have been if I hadn't been so stubborn about it.

She seems like an incredible person, and I wish her the best.
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That was the last thing I watched before falling asleep last night.

I related. Very much.
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Ha I never knew who she was until now. Seems like a hilarious person.
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"overly attached girlfriend" says farewell to youtube