AMC Stubs or Moviepass: Have you used either of them?

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AMC Stubs or Moviepass: Have you used either of them?

Post by obvs »

So I've gone to the movies more often in the past few months, and I was looking at AMC Stubs and Moviepass. I've been thinking about this the last few months.

Movie tickets are about $13-15 each, but AMC Stubs is $23ish. This seems like a better deal, assuming that there are at least two good movies that come out each month.

Moviepass' business model seems unsustainable, but I believe it's cheaper, and its restrictions seem like they might be an issue.

Does anyone here have experience with either or both? Thoughts?
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Post by arkayn »

I think AMC has a more sustainable chance, moviepass is still burning through money.
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Post by DukeofNuke »

Is AMC Stubs only usable at AMC theaters?

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