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Teaser Trailer!


The surprise twist is that “Picard” is actually a cooking show, Picard finally embraced his love of combining wine and food after a long career in Star Fleet, and now produces a holoblog in his retirement.

The show is Patrick Stewart slowing getting sloshed on vino while stuffing breadcrumbs in a chicken. And I’m sold.
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Coincidentally - Stewart and ‘edibles’ is mentioned here

https://merryjane.com/culture/patrick-s ... abis-daily
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New trailer from Comic Con:

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A lot to unpack in that trailer.
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daaaaaaaamn ... jeri ryan (seven of nine) looks better than ever

also, in addition to her and data, troi and riker are in it too

i'm going to avoid contemplating the whole timeline business because i feel like the whole thing has just gotten completely mangled by this point
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