so which youtube channels do you follow?

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post 'em here!

here are some of my faves:

1. i am incorrigible
-- it's some brit who posts uk news clips, mostly about brexit ... he has several channels and rotates postings, and each clip begins with an annoying intro, but it keeps me current with events across the pond

2. beyond the trailer
-- the host, grace randolph, has this hollywood-centered channel, with trailers, box office, development news, stuff like that ... i think she writes (or wrote) for comic books

3. the young turks
-- daily news with a strongly progressive bent (they're not a fan of centrists)

4. the great war -- a neat video series that just wrapped up this week ... they reported the entire first world war in the present tense each week, and included a ton of other information on places, events and people

5. curious droid
-- british kingpin-looking dude offers neat li'l videos on aerospace topics, mostly historic

6. movies with mikey
-- movie guy (i think he's an editor) does extended critiques of hollywood movies; speaks from the heart, i dig his stuff

now you!
maurvir Meat popsicle
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The Guild of Ambience

Hours long ambient videos, usually fantasy themed.
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Donkey Butter jerk face
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justine Elitist Beer Lover
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Off the top of my head, Cooking With Sugar and AGT.
obvs precoupado
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I'm subscribed to 124 channels, so I'll just be listing some of the top videos from channels I've been watching recently:
I also watch TYT.
Rare Earth by Evan Hadfield, the son of astronaut Chris Hadfield. The first episode that the link goes to is episode zero because it is only an introduction.

So far Evan has traveled to:
Japan (episodes 1-20)
Cambodia (21-28)
Laos (29-35)
Vietnam (36-37) But Evan wrote that he plans to return
Cuba (38-41)
Belize (42) They were on vacation but wanted needed to do this one
Easter Island (43-47)
Chile (48-61)
Armenia (62-70)
Albania (71-75)
Canada (76-80) At least so far because #80 is currently the last episode which was posted on Nov. 10, 2018.

The episodes usually run under 10 minutes (but sometimes are longer with the longest [so far] being just under 20 minutes) and come about one per week usually (but not always) being posted on Saturdays.

Do pause during the ending credits because some are rather wordy.

Most (but not all) episodes have a short epilog (sometimes just an outtake, sometimes a comment on something featured in the episode) following the credits, so be sure let them run to the end.
ukimalefu Rebel? resistance? why not both?
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(haven't we done this thread before?)

Maybe I'll post a short list later
obvs precoupado
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If we did it was probably years ago and things have changed.
ukimalefu Rebel? resistance? why not both?
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Lets see...


Old technology, audio, video, cameras, etc.

Braille Skateboarding

Most of the time, mostly skateboards made out of crazy things. Recently, they made a skateboard out of an iPhone X, I hated that, I still can't believe they destroyed a 1000$ phone, apple or not. But most of the time people send them things to skate, or they go to a random store and spend 75$ on things to make a skateboard. Warning, that channel gets LOUD, they have a skatepark inside a warehouse and they like to yell a lot.

Rob Scallon

Great, and funny, musician. Plays a lot of instruments and styles, but mainly an 8 strings guitar and prog-metal.

Scary Pockets

Great funky covers of famous songs

The Slow Mo Guys

things filmed in super slow motion

The Slingshot channel

As the name implies, it focuses on slingshots, but he makes all kind of crazy things, like a launcher for a spear, and semi-auto and even full auto repeating crossbows.

Gets new tech, unboxes it, tells you the main features, rants about it.


physics, duh


crazy inventor, mad scientist

CGP Grey

uuh... science, history, technology, lots of... "geeky/nerdy stuff"

Adam Savage's Tested

Adam Savage making and using costumes and movie props, talking and interviewing other makers, talking about lots of geeky stuff: tv, movies, VR, 3D printing, gaming, tech in general.

I also follow Spacex, you can watch things going to space live!

Many guitar gear channels

a couple gaming channels

ASAP Science ... tk2BudLUzA

Hydraulic Press Channel ... wi5-MeiQgw

Did I say "short list"? I should stop now.

A long time ago, I kept my subscription feed, and watch later list, clean. Now I can't keep up, my lists of things to watch are long. Now I pick and choose what to watch now or later.
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so which youtube channels do you follow?