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obvs To hell with toilet paper. I own a bidet
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Yeah, I think I made pretty much the same weird faces watching the original that I made watching this.
obvs To hell with toilet paper. I own a bidet
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No one else has watched the new season?
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never liked the original, to be honest, and don't plan on watching the new one
I haven't started since I'm making my way through the first 30 episodes because this will be first time that I have seen them in order (and some of them the first time at all). While I took in the final two episodes thinking that they might make me familiar with the rest, I've given that up. I have seen the opening pilot so far.

Oh, I do have the "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me" movie as well which I have never seen.

Unlike some people I do not have the habit of obsessively binge-watching a series, so it will be a while (I figure maybe an episode or two a day). AND at some point I might decide that :shrug: it just ain't for me.
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TOS posted:
never liked the original, to be honest, and don't plan on watching the new one

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let me finish this pie first
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I live in the darkest timeline. I don't need to intentionally go watch something intended to screw with my head.
I'm waiting for it to be done airing and then I'll watch it on demand. I loved the original.
So far I have watched the opening pilot and the first 5 following episodes of the original Twin Peaks, so I haven't yet completed the shortened first 1990 season of 8 episodes.

I have found that I had previously seen only the pilot and 2 of those episodes.

I've fallen in love again with Lucy (Kimmy Robertson). BTW: that is a video link.
I disliked the tone of the new season for the first three episodes but some of the more left-field whimsical elements of the first season are just starting to show up in the fourth episode. I hope Mr. Lynch has a cohesive story for this season.
I guess that I don't have it in me to EVER binge watch, though perhaps Twin Peaks is not a good example. I have found that about 2 or 3 episodes of the original Twin Peaks series per week is about as much as I can watch and enjoy(?). At the moment I just finished episode 2.10, so 12 more episodes to watch if I decide to watch the final 2 over again. I think I will watch them again since it is now clear to me that I had missed a LOT of episodes from the original series--at least half--which was very detrimental to "understanding" what was going on in/at Twin Peaks.

Right now the new series is on hiatus so maybe I can catch up before more new episodes start.
My staff saved the episodes I missed so far. Really liking it.

I've embraced the random characters and the musical performances, mostly at "The Roadhouse" are pretty good. Lynch is very involved in the show's music.

Some of the female characters have a 50s or 60s vibe going on. Great.
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Wasn't a TP fan back in the day. No desire to watch this one.
justine posted:
Wasn't a TP fan back in the day. No desire to watch this one.

Well, it's trippy.

I am now caught up with the episodes I missed while overseas.

"I apologise in advance for Albert"

The scenes with Lynch are my favourite.

he has made a few nods to conventional narrative with some timely exposition.

If he fails to resolve Dougie/Dale I expect a lot of smashed TV sets.
I finally got to the end of the original run. Basically my reaction was "WTF?"

I was somewhat undecided on watching "Fire Walk With Me", the prequel movie. I did manage to watch the first 15 minutes or so, so up through the autopsy conducted by FBI agents Desmond (Chris Isaak) and Stanley (Kiefer Sutherland) which followed that elaborate literally "interpreted" dance performed for them that conveyed messages from agent Cole (David Lynch). Again "WTF?"

So I bypassed that and watched the first two episodes of the current Twin Peaks (as they were originally shown in a combination episode).

I have the strong suspicion that I just am not in Lynch's target audience.

I guess I will watch episodes 3 and 4, another combo episode, but unless SOMETHING coherent comes up for me I am likely to just give it up.
It's great. Don't fight the confusion, just let it wash over you. The salient points are made clear and the mini-narratives are just there to add colour.

There's some fine musical endings to many of the season 3 episodes.
Mind you: I was 33 when the original Twin Peaks aired so this isn't a case of maturation changing what I liked. Back then I did like the "vibe" of the show, though to be sure it is obvious to me now that I had missed a lot of episode since in watching it now I'm pretty sure that I missed about half of them back then.

At the moment I have not much liking of that vibe.

OK, I will give it some more chances if only for the music outros like the one for episode 2.
I have finally gotten to the end of Twin Peaks. :shrug: I have considered this task to be a grind.

I had some hopes when in episode 16 Dale Cooper finally awoke from his near-complete aphasia, but then I had to get through 15 hours to get there.

It was weird and quirky as to be "expected" from David Lynch, but had I known at the start how disappointed I would be at the end then I wouldn't have bothered to have started. Part of that disappointment is how so many of the storylines were simply left hanging and sometimes completely unexplained. This could be reflective of real life and perhaps it is very simplistic for me to expect "...and then they lived happily ever after" especially from a Lynch production, but still....

If there is any more of Twin Peaks left in Lynch, I think I will not bother to watch.
You Can't Go Home Again.

But I enjoyed the ride.
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I was in college when the show first ran--living in an apartment with no cable TV and only one crappy local station available via antenna.

I was VERY intrigued by it from word of mouth and saw one or two episodes of the second season.

When we first got Netflix several years ago, TP was one of the first series I watched. But I lost interest about 10 episodes into the second season.

I tried it again a few months ago, but only got 2-3 episodes further before losing interest.

I really think the whole first season, and first several of the second are fantastic, but there is something of a real decline after that. It becomes a parody of itself, without some of the more interesting nuances, and the directing decisions and music/score choices just become ordinary.
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