Will you bite ... the hand that feeds you ...

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You have to find the median -- that games are not evil, perhaps not necessarily good either, but something that can be considered a pastimeā€¦

This is what I want to tell you: I want you to create a game that does not negatively affect our daily lives and is something that is considered more productive.

Says the father of... the Gundam series. BWAHAHAHAHA
I recently read an article on how tetris is good for your brain.

Video games are just a way of playing games. Playing games is something that is GOOD for you. All mammals play. It's like training for life, mind and body.

And the use of electricity? Not the games fault.

Old japanese man is WRONG!
mmaverick my steady systematic decline
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I think maybe old Japanese man has entirely missed the point of videogames.
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Will you bite ... the hand that feeds you ...