BAM! That was quick.

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Within the span of a couple of weeks I've gone from starred commenter at Kotaku to another nobody again.

Thing is, webcomics came up for discussion, and I made liberal use of bypassing anyone that had anything positive to say about Tim Buckley's creative abortion known as Ctrl-Alt-Del, and promoted and approved anyone with criticism for it.

Next thing I know, an editor gets all touchy because I insulted his webcomic of choice and I get destarred, and no one's responding to my emails.

But I still have promote ability. So I'm still crackin' at the work even though there's nothing to signify to others that I'm "A Pretty Big Deal".

Anyway, fiddlesticks Tim Buckley.

And the next convention I see him at, I'm going to fling poo all over his merch table. Or something equally insidious.
the new comment system is stupid
T.Goat wrote:
the new comment system is stupid


Oh wait it got me to lose my trinket of awesomeness because of how I write and not by how I behave by giving me responsibilities I didn't want.

It took them 13 days, but I have now *officially* been demoted since I can no longer promote threads.
Okay. I've been demoted at home. Twice now. I go to work and still can promote. I was promoting here at home just seconds ago and now my ability is gone again.
arkayn Aaarrrggghhhh
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Sounds like an IP thing then, try going through a proxy server.
sturner Ancient Soldier
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oooo, use videlia
spike attempting to look on the bright side
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Gawker is stick fiddling touchy about that human waste. Criticism never gets posted to the comments, which I think is blatherskite.
And now I've lost my star in my profile and the ability to approve or promote topics.

Took them long enough.
Bam, disemvoweled.

Because I called out a facebook registrant.
And now my account has been blocked from posting. Much like losing star power capabilities, though, I'm still posting even after they do it.
Took two days this time. Rebooting new account. Already made a metric human waste ton of unapproved posts. The second some star commenter approves one of them, though, I'm golden. And then I'll just change my username to Phydeaux.

And now one of my secondary accounts has been approved.

Went ahead and changed it's name to Phydeaux. We'll see what happens.
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BAM! That was quick.