"You can't discover new music thru Rock Band." "O RLY"

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http://kotaku.com/5317012/rock-band-net ... ches-in-09

And like that we have the winner of the rhythm game penis measuring contest.

This is opening the floodgates to content. I've already sent a quick letter off to Larry Norman's estate and trying to get in contact with Five Iron Frenzy's people. WHO ELSE SHALL I HARASS ABOUT IT (BNL doesn't count because they've already been in talks).
No one cares, right?

I think I'm capable of doing this stuff:


I'm going to start getting familiar with Reaper when I get home.

If done right, I think I might've found an entrepreneurial thing I can enjoy that isn't a scam.
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"You can't discover new music thru Rock Band." "O RLY"