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By myself, I have destroyed an indestructible GHII X-plorer and a RB1 Wireless Fender Strat.

I was going for an upstrum 100% expert achievement on the AC/DC Rock Band and the GH guitar did a rebound downstrum so I got 100% and no achievement. Since that was about the, oh, 20th time in a row that I had to listen to goddamn stick fiddling TNT, I threw it on the floor and kicked it across the room. Why? Because it's human waste. And deserves to be treated like human waste.

And I whammied my RB guitar so hard that it won't whammy anymore. Spring still works. But no whammy. Avoided throwing it across the room.

See, with drums, I can throw sticks down and storm out of the room. Microphone? Sure.

That's the other thing that's wasting me off. I can't 100% Expert any of these songs on vocals. None. I can kick ass in RB2, but in this dinky little expansion released before it... I don't know if it's the software or the wasteful lead vocalist or me or what but I just can't do it.

One things for sure. I'm never buying an entire game full of an artist if I don't absolutely enjoy them ever again. Because I stick fiddling hate AC/DC now.

fiddlesticks. TNT has been playing during the damn menu this entire stick fiddling time that I've been writing this.

And now I just got a random phone call from someone who used to work at the youth center I used to work at because they remembered my phone number and couldn't get a hold of anyone else because they're somehow in Chicago and their mom overdosed on something and the cops came and took her to the hospital and they were wondering if they could borrow $80.

So. Perspective.

I need to get out of this.
FutureDreamz Matthew 5:5
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You sound like a real Lead Guitarist.
Except with articulation that indicates more rationale.
After running outside like a maniac I feel better.
Traded in my 3 X-plorers for a GH:WT guitar. Gamestop would've only gave me $1 a guitar, Game Haven gave me $7.xx plus 10% off a used one with a student ID.

I got 100% again, but no achievement for the upstrum.

This would make it easier:
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