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What is wrong with these people?

Unable to concentrate on school because she was up late at night, she dropped out to focus on her gaming and join Swedish team Pink Zinic full-time. She's also working as a model "for a friend".

Secondary education is so important and simultaneously so simple to wipe out. There should be no excuse to not get it done, save for hardship on the family making it impossible.

Also, Kotakuites are up in arms about those of us saying that "modeling" is another word for "porn", but, really, "real models" project themselves as so much more than "oh yes, I do a little modeling on the side for a friend".

In other news, I'm quitting my job because doing barrel rolls in Burnout is so goddamn easy that I surely could do it with my cars and all I have to do is the 'ol Eval Knievel self-promotion schtick.

And I just realized that I'm way too lazy to actually type out what the fiddlesticks that means. Just go watch a documentary on him sometime, about his fountain jump in Vegas.
Fatal1ty is a douchebag. So is Billy Mitchell. So is TriForce.

They're all about marketing more than skill, being trounced by others more often than not. Matter of fact, back when I had G4 and there was some WCG on, Fatal1ty wasn't even playing CS, he was there as an announcer with his title hinting at that he was a retired player. What the fiddlesticks seriously.

The point is he's made a lot of money playing games. You don't have to like him.
Geesie Couldn't hit it sideways
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A handful of lucky ones who get in while there's money to be made... wait for the horde of kids who jump in as the money runs out.
There was money in the first place?
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Marc wrote:
There was money in the first place?

Sponsorships, product placements, etc.

He probably made more money whoring Abit products then he ever did actually gaming. NTTAWWT.

It's... one thing he has in common with an olympic athlete.
A little. Not much, though.

Like it says on Fatal1ty's wiki page, he's netted $500k in career awards. It's not exactly professional athlete level of payout.

I've played with MLG guys, though. Teams that specifically go to locations with hammered-in strategies and techniques, with the leagues pressuring the game developers to balance the game in ways that slant the game in meaningless ways.

For example, MLG players call the Shotgun in Halo "cheap" so in MLG play, which Bungie has saw fit to give them their own playlist on LIVE in order to play their inane gametypes, so the Shotgun is removed from all scenarios. Matter of fact, on the level of Guardian, the Shotgun is removed and so is the Impact Hammer and all that's left for close-range is the Mauler. They abhor the Assault Rifle and instead everyone's equipped with a BR from the start. Grenades are more limited in supply as well.

It doesn't make it a more "tactical" game, it makes it a more "stand-offish" game where people hide and wait out for someone else to walk into a clearing, those that coordinate for movement getting punished. There's a trade-off in

fiddlesticks this I'm rambling.

tl;dr, "pro gamers" are fucknuts.
lleviathann The itch you can't scratch
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Jealous much?
Annoyed that organizations that don't amount to beans dictate to the developers what they want in order to make an experience that doesn't mesh well with the rest of the userbase.

There's nothing "cheap" about the shotgun. You're vulnerable with it when at a distance, if you're camping with it, you're vulnerable from behind.

If you put yourself within a one-hit kill distance of it, it's not the weapon that's cheap, it's the pro player that's whiny.
lleviathann The itch you can't scratch
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Oh I agree. Over at the Epic forums there is sooo much complaining and whining from the 'Pros' about this and that across the board. From Gow to UT.
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Another One Bites the Dust.